Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality and NDA: Both the "Client" and New Line SEO acknowledge that during the engagement they may have access to and might become acquainted with various trade secrets, inventions, innovations, processes, information, tools, sources, reports, records and specifications owned or licensed by the other party in connection with the operation of the business including, without limitation, the business processes, methods, customer lists, accounts, and procedures. Your signature of this agreement creates a mutual condition of non-disclosure and confidentiality and is binding according to the terms of our NDA Agreement, which is posted on our website. www.New Line SEO.com/nda.php

Duties and Compensation: Duties and compensation of this engagement shall be set forth in the proposal previously provided and referenced above, which may not be amended unless in writing and accepted by New Line SEO. All fees are due within 15 days of the invoice date. Failure to make complete and on time payments will be considered breach of this agreement. By signing and executing this agreement, the "Client" acknowledges responsibility for all fees as described in the proposal referenced above.

Duration and Termination: This engagement shall commence upon execution of this agreement and shall continue based on the timeline and term duration as described on the proposal. "Client" must give a 30 day notice of cancellation by mail, email and or fax to end service Payment, Financial Agreement, Refund Policy, Credit Card, Payment Reversals - "Client" acknowledges and agrees that all financial information given to New Line SEO (e.g., credit card, electronic debit information, etc.) is true and lawfully theirs to and that New Line SEO is reasonably relying on said representations in entering into this Agreement and providing its products and/or services. New Line SEO maintains a "NO REFUND POLICY" for any services and performance based fees earned. Refunds ONLY apply to the initial deposit if so outlined in the proposal and clearly marked as "refundable deposit".

Modification or Amendment: No amendment or modification of this Agreement shall be valid unless it's in writing and is signed by the parties hereto.

Indemnification and Liability - "Client" agrees and acknowledges that it shall hold New Line SEO (including but not limited to all its employees, officers, shareholders, directors, agents, attorneys, vendors, affiliates, subcontractors, its parents, subsidiaries, suppliers or contract employees) harmless from any liability, loss, claims, and/or expenses related to any or all provided services. New Line SEO is not liable for the results or any outcome of this engagement. Also, if there are any modifications to the work performed by New Line SEO, without prior written consent is considered a breach of this agreement. New Line SEO is also not liable or responsible for acts of God or other force major actions.

Business Access – "Client" will need to provide the required information and access to the business in order for New Line SEO to complete the services as agreed.

Ad Copywriting – New Line SEO will create as many ads as necessary to increase CTR and conversions. "Client" will need to determine if ad approval is required during the signing of the agreement before an ad can be included in a campaign.

Review Budget – "Client" is required to provide New Line SEO with the initial budget amount for the overall PPC campaign. If more than one PPC service is used, "Client" will need to provide how the overall budget is to be distributed across the number of PPC services. The agreed upon budget amount may have a variance of up to 20% on any given day from the set daily budget. PPC systems may deliver up to 20% more ads than your daily budget calls for. This helps make up for other days in which your daily budget is not reached. However, you'll never be charged more than your average daily budget over the course of a month.

PPC Providers - As PPC advertising providers and search engines are their own separate entities, keywords being bid on can change ad placement and/or cost at any time, for which, New Line SEO will NOT assume any liability. We will however report any major fluctuations in ad placement and cost for specific keywords to "Client" in order for "Client" to make the required decision to alter the budget or price for the keywords. Further, New Line SEO will not assume any liability for copyright infringements for keywords/phrases chosen by the "Client" used in the PPC campaign or on the pages on to the client's website.

PPC Provider Fees - PPC management fees don't include the actual PPC click fees charged by PPC advertising providers such as Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter or Yahoo Publishing. PPC management fees and PPC advertising provider fees are two different costs; the PPC management pricing included in the proposal is only for PPC management and does not include PPC advertising provider costs which are billed separately and directly to "Client" by the PPC advertising provider. Please fill in the information below, and sign this page to execute this Agreement.

Right To Use - "Client" guarantees any elements of keywords/phrases, text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork provided to New Line SEO for inclusion of "Client's" website are owned by "Client", and or that "Client" has received permission from the rightful owner(s) to use each of the elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend New Line SEO and its employees from any liability or suit arising from the use of such components.

Keywords - If applicable, Keywords must be finalized by "Client" within 15 days of signing this service agreement. Failure to finalize and submit keywords to optimize by Company within 15 days of the signed agreement by "Client" will result in the sole discretion of New Line SEO finalizing the keyword list on behalf of the "Client". Any modification to the time frame and keyword list can only be altered if mutually agreed upon in writing, by both parties.

Implementation - If client chooses to implement the Optimization changes internally, it must be within a maximum of 21 days from date of delivery. Failure to do so will result in a fee of 25% of the maximum monthly fee potential for the first month and an additional 15% is added for each additional 30 day delay period for the term of the contract. If the client fails to implement the modification by the end of the contract period and decides to cancel, the maximum performance based fees will apply to the final 30 day bill.

Distribution – Links, Blogs and other distribution channels, quantities, references, and other link acquisition techniques are subject to change at any time. Site safety and results is our main concern and we reserve the right to modify our services at anytime if we feel that a certain technique, method or outlet will do more harm than good. Contract stating certain number of links, blogs, articles, references and outlets are estimates and are not guaranteed.

Search Engines - Search Engines are their sole and separate entities. They do, can and will change placement and/or ranking results at any time due to algorithms and other competitive reasons, for which New Line SEO will NOT assume any liability. New Line SEO does not guarantee positions or consistent top 10 positions for any particular keyword, phrase or search term.


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